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Real Avid Gun Boss Pro AR-15 Gun Cleaning Kit

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Real Avid Gun Boss Pro AR-15 Gun Cleaning Kit

This rod-based system is compact and travels wherever you go. Each tool snaps securely into place in the high-quality, oil-resistant tray of this rugged, weather-resistant case. No other cleaning kit is more comprehensive or cleans your AR-15 faster, easier and more thoroughly. Pull the trigger and bake on carbon. Open the kit and clean it off. It’s all in a day’s work.

-Multi-function handle rotates, taps pins, and also works as a detailing handle
-High-performance tool case organizes, displays, and protects cleaning set
-Engineering-grade resin case is impact resistant
-Kickstand feature puts tools at your fingertips
-Four brass rods combine with rotating handle to form a 29" rod
-Star chamber brush
-5.56/.223 bore brush utilizes phosphor bronze bristles
-Nylon slotted tip
-Bolt carrier brush
-Hooked steel cleaning pick
-90° angled brass scraper cleans carbon between the lugs of the star chamber
-3-in-1 bore illuminator/pin punch/ safety flag
-6 wool star chamber cleaning pads
-50 cleaning patches
Real Avid AR-15 Gun Cleaning Kit

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