Your sight is an essential part of your AR-15 build.  They are your eyes on the range.  Imagine shooting a gun with your eyes closed.  Please don’t try it, but I imagine most people wouldn’t be able to hit a target or even get close to the relative vicinity.  A sight allows you to open your eyes and see far down the field towards the target you are going for.  
Here at Delta Team Tactical we provide many options for sights.  My personal favorite are our Red Dot sights.  

They illuminate the target with a bright red dot allowing you to know with a surety where you are aiming your gun before taking a shot.  By incorporating this add on you can greatly increase your accuracy.  We even have a great variety of red dots to allow you to customize your AR-15 to look exactly how you want it too.  Don’t miss out and go get yourself a red dot sight today!

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