What happened next will forever cause me shame,
I calmed my breathing to take better aim.
The next event will make more infamous than Nixon,
I tested my magazine to ensure it was clicked in.
As I slacked the trigger forgetting the day was my downfall,
My gun recoiled and the deer dropped like the New Year’s Eve ball.

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Mark Griffin

Date 12/15/2019

Combined with my green laser my gun will be have holiday cheer.

Ramon T Chong

Date 12/15/2019

This will be for my ar15

Jordan Schwartz

Date 12/15/2019

This will be great on 300blk out pistol

Tony Rose

Date 12/15/2019

For one of my many AR pistols

John Berryhill

Date 12/15/2019

Onto the IO AR-15 pistol it’s shall go! I could even share a pic or two.

Donald Welch

Date 12/15/2019

What this old man needs.

Brian Burnap

Date 12/15/2019

This would be awesome to go on one of my delta team tactical guns. Merry Christmas.


Date 12/15/2019

This is the best cristmas ever happy holidays

Peter Houghton

Date 12/15/2019

This will go one of the pistols , which one ?

Richard Miles

Date 12/15/2019

Mr. Washington

Date 12/15/2019

This would go Good on my Pistol, it would be a great add on.

Douglas Eldreth

Date 12/15/2019

yes please

Jonathon Bernal

Date 12/15/2019

I want this for my SIG!!!!

Jody Hernandez

Date 12/15/2019

I need this

Steven Wulf

Date 12/15/2019

That will work great on one of my guns Santa.

Vincent Lombardi

Date 12/15/2019

Merry Christmas


Date 12/16/2019


Jay VonBargen

Date 12/16/2019

Merry Christmas! Keep up the good work! Look forward to the new years good deals

Mark Marcum

Date 12/17/2019

Spot on accurate is gun control.

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