My husband and I were talking to a friend who was looking to buy a new AR and put it together while he is in quarantine. When he had the chance to look at the deals that are offered on Delta Team Tactical, he said that they were as hot as a Dragon's Breath chili pepper. We just kind of laughed because we had no idea what it was at the time. 

After hopping on Google, I found out that the Dragon's Breath chili pepper is one of hottest peppers in the world. It was taken as a great compliment to us here at Delta because we strive to bring you guys the best deals that we can on our AR upper build kits and accessories. Since our deals are so hot however, there are times that sales don't last long due to being sold out. So check out the hand-picked deals below and grab the ones you want before they are all gone!

Quote of the Day: "Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game." -Babe Ruth

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