We have some amazing deals on scopes right now.  One of our suppliers called us with an amazing "take all" deal on some awesome scopes.  We have a variety of powers available from indoor range to the next zip code and everything in between.  

We acquired these right before we found out we had to move out of our warehouse.  So we decided (since the marketing department is allergic to manual labor) to do a crazy blowout sale on them.  There is nothing wrong with these, they come from a very reputable factory, the supplier decided they would rather have them on our shelves rather than their shelves is all.  

So if you have an optic on your wish list at these prices you can't afford to not pick one up.  

Quote of the day: “Heroes may not be braver than everyone else. They’re just brave five minutes longer.”-Ronald Reagan

***Disclaimer: Super Scope Sale now over