We went out shooting yesterday in celebration of Memorial Day and it was packed. We ended up going out later in the day in hopes that it would not be as hot, and that there wasn't gonna be to many people. It was also super satisfying. We got to use our new rifle steel target and hearing that ping when we hit it just resonated with our souls. 

The gun favourite of the day was definitely the ARs that we brought with us. Both the LR-308 and the AR-15 were big hits, both with the people we were shooting with and on the target. When they asked where they could get one like ours, I lead them to Delta Team Tactical where they could check out the upper build kits and they could find one that best suited them. Check out the deals below, and stay safe out there.

Quote of the Day: "Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale." -Hans Christian Andersen

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