It is amazing what a splash of color can do. It can take something that you may not even give a second glance a chance to shine. We have just the thing for those of you who want a splash of color on your build below with our 'Lightshow' builds. We have them in gold, red and even purple! For those of you who prefer a sleek all black build, no worries! We even designed an all black version of the build just for you.

What better way to break in your new colorful upper from Delta than pairing it with a brand new charging handle? That's right, our blind box sale for charging handles is back! Limited time only, grab your new upper and charging handles before they are all sold out! Check out the other hand picked deals below as well for some extra flavor to your next order.

We made a PSA about the changes in our Customer Service! If you missed it, click HERE to catch up on all the news!

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