Today is a very big day for everyone across the galaxy and far beyond. Yep, today is National Star Wars Day! Now, from my understanding as an outsider who doesn't watch it very often, it seems that there is a argument of sorts as to which trilogy is the best. The Anakin trilogy, the Luke and Leia trilogy or the most recent one which is the Rey and Kylo trilogy. 

It kinda made me laugh when I realized that this is a big argument because it reminds me of the argument about which type of AR is the best. Pistol builds vs Rifle builds vs A2 style builds. Either way, we here at Delta Team Tactical have all different kinds of upper build kits for you guys to choose from, in all different styles. Check them out below and stay safe out there. 

Quote of the Day: "May the fourth be with you." -Seemingly everyone who has watched a Star Wars

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