We just came out of fall, and the change is almost done. With all the change happening around us it can be scary to start something new. It is very easy to stay in our simple routine, and complete our day in the security of what we know. Even if what we are currently doing is more stressful than what the change could be most people are hesitant to take it. I think that we need to take change as an opportunity to try something new. You will never know if you are cut out for something if you don’t try it.

If that is a new change in career path, or as simple as cutting your hair these things can really rack up the stress. The funny thing is once you jump in feet first you find out that all the anxiety was for nothing. Starting something new like a hobby, job, new home, or just a change in routine should be welcomed with open arms because that is where you will learn something new, and grow as a person. 

“Only the Wisest and the Stupidest of men never change” - Confucius

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