My husband and I went to a popular surplus store recently and we ended up getting there about 40 minutes early and still had people in line in front of us to get in. As I stood there drinking my Emergen-C mixture, a lady from the store came up to us and was talking about check out procedures. Someone behind us asked if they had toilet paper and she said no. I kid you not, at least 6-7 people left the line because that is all they came for. 

We talked about it in the store and on the way home about how important it is to be prepared because you never know when something will not be available. I know we are not supposed to go outside right now due to social distancing, so it is a good thing that Delta is online. Check out the deals below and the site for that amazing deal that you can't pass up because you never know how long it will be in stock. 

Don't forget to participate in our contest! We will be reposting our favorite photos that you post  for #dttdistancing and to a lucky few we will be awarded gift cards. Use the hashtag #dttdistancing and tag us in your posts on Facebook or Instagram. For those who don’t do social media (which is a way to be social and not catch Covid-19 FYI) you can upload photos to this FORM.  We are just rolling with this and making it up as we go along.  But we look forward to seeing your photos, and please exercise firearm safety when doing this, we cannot stress this enough.?

Quote of the day: "He who has a why to live can bear almost any how."
-Friedrich Nietzsche

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