Have you ever been super excited for something only to have yourself yeeted off of cloud nine? Yeah, we know the feeling. It was finally warmed up a little bit here, almost to the point that you don't need shoes to walk outside. Then all of us in the office woke up to see huge white flakes falling from an ashen sky. Well, while we are inside what little else is there to do except for scrolling through the deals at Delta Team Tactical and having a more pleasant surprise than snow appear at your doorstep? Check out all the deals we have for you guys below and stay safe and warm out there. 

Don't forget to participate in our contest! We will be reposting our favorite photos that you post  for #dttdistancing and to a lucky few we will be awarded gift cards. Use the hashtag #dttdistancing and tag us in your posts on Facebook or Instagram. For those who don’t do social media (which is a way to be social and not catch Covid-19 FYI) you can upload photos to this FORM.  We are just rolling with this and making it up as we go along.  But we look forward to seeing your photos, and please exercise firearm safety when doing this, we cannot stress this enough.?

We made a PSA about the changes in our Customer Service! If you missed it, click HERE to catch up on all the news!

Quote of the day: "Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You." -Dr. Seuss

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