A friend and I were talking about stereotypes the other day and how some of them are very true. One of them that we both agree can sometimes be true is that women tend to not be able to make their minds up about what they want to eat. I for one am guilty of this. My husband will be listing off places and they all sound good.. until he chooses one. Then I just don't want to go. 

Guys can be that way as well though. It may not be about where they want to eat, but I have been in the gun store with my husband for hours until he finds the perfect sight to put on his upper. It is honestly like shopping, but worse because there aren't any places for you to sit down. So while women sometimes may not be able to make up their minds about food and men sometimes can't make up their minds about which accessory is best, everyone can agree that Delta Team Tactical has amazing products for an amazing price. Check out the deals we have for you below and check out the site for even more ways to save.