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Strike Industries CAT Sight

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Strike Industries CAT Sight
Strike Industries CAT Sight
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Strike Industries CAT Sight

The SI center axis targeting sight is designed as an auxiliary aiming device to assist in acquiring a quick flash sight picture in very low or zero light conditions. Traditional three dot systems can present clutter and can be difficult or slow to orient in the dark. The CAT sight allows one to quickly index the firearm and roughly align the existing sights while allowing the user to maintain target focus. The sight is end user configurable to use preferred aiming solution such as a tritium lamp, fiber optic, high polish reflective rod, or a chargeable luminescent source affordably and is universal to nearly any firearm.

Note: The C.A.T Sight is primarily meant to be a fun and creative DIY project giving customers numerous ways to mount, modify, and use the sight as they please. Customer's should be made aware that the included adhesives may not work well for certain material surfaces. Strike Industries recommends thoroughly cleaning the area that customers want to place the sight on with degreaser/cleaner prior to installation. 

Note:  The C.A.T Sight allows for the use of cylindrical tritium inserts. When applying the adhesive, please be sure to apply pressure and squeeze both sides of the cat-sight against the luminescent insert AND THEN apply the adhesive for a more secure fit. 

Disclaimer: Tritium is regulated under the U.S Nuclear Regulation Commission which ensures the safe use of radioactive materials for beneficial civilian purposes while protecting people and the environment. Please consult their regulations before handling tritium for this product. 
Strike Industries CAT Sight

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