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Strike Industries Master Operator Premium AR-15 Upgrade Kit W/ X-Latch Charging Handle Selector Switch & Bolt Catch

Strike Industries Master Operator Premium AR-15 Upgrade Kit W/ X-Latch Charging Handle Selector Switch & Bolt Catch

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Strike Industries Master Operator Premium AR-15 Upgrade Kit 

W/ X-Latch Charging Handle Selector Switch & Bolt Catch


This Strike Industries kit was put together for those who want to take their AR-15 to the next level.

Strike Industries is world-renowned for their state-of-the-art premium firearm components.


These high-end components are available in a kit with an exclusive price that cannot be beat.



1. Strike Industries Charging Handle with Extended Latch - Black

The new ARCH-EL Charging Handle from Strike Industries is a T-6 7075 forged hard-anodized charging handle featuring a larger aluminum latch surface that functions with ease in adverse conditions. The SI ARCH-EL featuring the aluminum SI Extended Latch will not wear your receiver as fast as steel latches! With its highly polished surface, its ergonomic design makes for a smooth, clean charge. The quality of the ARCH-EL is second to none and it’s built for durability. Once you place the ARCH-EL on your rifle, you will see, feel, and know the quality of the ARCH-EL!


Package includes- 1 x Charging Handle with Extended Latch


- Enlarged Extended Grasping Surface for Smooth Operation under Extreme Conditions

- Traditional Concealed Latch Co-existed with the SI ARCH for Normal Operation

- Aluminum Construction for minimized weight and wont wear your receiver!

- Fits All Standard AR-15 Charging Handles–No Gunsmithing Required 

Note: Not guaranteed to be compatible with Anderson MFG Upper Receivers.


2. Strike Industries AR15/AR10 Strike Selector Switch


Ergonomic, intuitive, and fast.  The Strike Switch is a patent pending modular safety selector designed from using human factor considerations to aid positive on safe, on fire manipulations. The unique toggle action allows one to quickly engage the safety when moving positions without altering the firing grip. The extended lever arm serves as an index point and thumb rest in either position.  Adding to the modularity, the Strike Switch is end user configurable to use a 60 or 90 Degree throw, left hand, right hand, or ambidextrous configurations. The levers are machined from lightweight, but strong aircraft grade aluminum for weight savings, while the safety shaft itself is machined from high strength steel for a lifetime of use.  


Package includes:
- 2x Shaft Screw
- 1x 60/90 Shaft
- 1x End Cap
- 1x Right Side Strike Switch
- 1x Left Side Strike Switch 

- Ambidexterous
- Ergonomic Shape
- Modular Assembly
- Precision Machined
- Strike 60/90 Option
- Aircraft Grade 6061-T6 Aluminum Levers with Steel Selector Shaft

 NOTE: Will NOT fit .308 pattern lower receivers with shelf (DPMS, Bushmaster), ATI Omni Hybrid (all calibers), Seekins Precision SP 223 Gen 2, or F-1 Firearms Receivers, without modification to receiver or selector switch.

3. Strike Industries Extended Bolt Catch

The SI-XBC Extended bolt catch is a heavy duty, “go-fast” addition to the SI line of enhanced parts.  Under high stress situations, the oversized bolt release lever aides in rapid thumb or palm engagement, even with gloved hands. The lever is reinforced for increased durability and impact resistance. Made from solid precision cast (not MIM!) steel, and hardened according to military specifications, the SI-XBC is a simple solution that ensures a lifetime of hard use.  Strike Hard, Strike Fast, with the SI- Extended Bolt Catch.


Package includes
1 x AR Extended Bolt Catch
1x Bolt Catch Roll pin

-Mil-Spec bolt catch engagement surfaces function with an mil-spec bolt carrier.
-Wide surface area "ping pong paddle" for faster operation.
-Solid Investment Cast8620 construction, case hardened.
- Widened Bolt Catch lower lever for easier manual locking of BCG to the rear.
-Sleek SI Design fits forged Mil-Spec receivers, and blends well aesthetically with many billet upper and lower receivers.




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