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Strike Industries Tactical Fore Grip - FDE

Part Number: 5546-2
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Strike Industries Tactical Fore Grip - FDE 

The grip is made from advanced polymer that is very strong and will definitely take a beating. The shooter can use different grip techniques and allows the user to have a secure and comfortable grip in any situation or position. It features a ridged front face that allows you to brace the rifle against a table or a wall and because it is ridged, it will prevent any sliding during the recoil kick. Another unique feature is the Cobra “hood”. It acts like a heat shield that will prevent the heat from going to your hands and gives your lead hand an ergonomic platform to use. The rear portion of the Grip can function as a hand stop. Material has been removed from the center so when tightening the main screw, it will allow it to grip the rail system and thus preventing any wobbling due to lose fitment or over use of the grip. The grip is slim and low profile which makes it very light weight. Shooters from all walks of life and different size hands can use it without worrying if the grip is too big or the angle would be too aggressive and strain their hand. It is very ergonomic and economical. 

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