We have this plant in our office that is more stubborn than a toddler. No matter how long we forget to water it for, it simply refuses to let go of life. Most often though, it gets over watered and we have to wait for it to dry out a little before we can water it again. 

This plant reminds me of a friend of mine. He is to stubborn for his own good sometimes when it comes to guns. He will starve his safe for a month or so until he is almost out of ammo and then go spend a huge amount of money on anything gun related that he wants. As someone who believes that everything should be in moderation, this is just absurd to me. However, like the little plant, he is very stubborn and set in his ways, so I told him that next time he goes on a shopping spree to check out Delta since we have some of the best deals around on a wide variety of products like the ones below. Make sure to check them out while they last and remember to keep your safe well stocked and your plants well watered.

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