I was cleaning out my truck the other day and realized that I tend to hoard every single paper that I have ever received since I have had my truck. While I was digging through everything, I found a tool that my husband had gotten me that was a glass breaker as well as a pen! 

We here at DTT want our customers to be prepared in as many ways as possible, which is why we are selling our Davidson Defense Tactical Pen with carbide tip! A pen is a critical survival tool for so many reasons. Whether you need to write notes for yourself or others, mark your path, or make important calculations, you need an instrument that won’t fail - regardless of whether it’s cold, wet, dry, or muddy.

Above all, in a survival situation, you need versatility. That's why this pen comes with a hardened Carbide tip that can safely smash through glass like butter, to aid in your escape if the unthinkable happens, leaving you trapped and in danger. Check it out below and stay safe out there! 

Random Fact: 'The heads on Easter Island have bodies'

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