Technology is amazing. Looking back through history, it is amazing to see just how much technology has changed our lives. From indoor plumbing to electricity to construction to even the internet and cellphones, technology has touched every aspect of life and made it easier. 

The first recorded use of a firearm was in 1394. By the 1389’s, they were known all around Europe (can you imagine a pro-gun Europe?). The 1600s brought us the flintlock, the 1800s brought us the Gatling gun and the first AR rifle was brought to us by the mid-late 1900s. Thinking about technology, it is stunning to realize how far the gun industry has come from the first use. Combining guns with technology has created so many new opportunities such as going online to Delta Team Tactical and signing up for our text blasts to keep updated on the latest deals. It truly is the modern age when you can find what upper you would like and place the order from wherever you are… even in the bathroom.

Technology also has brought you this wonderful moving sale.

Quote of the day: “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.”-Henry Ford

***Disclaimer: Moving Day Sale is only for a limited time

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