Turkey Brine Recipe

Part 2:

Whether you have a smoker or not, the key to a scrumptious turkey is brining.  Brining a turkey is similar to marinating it, but someone thought it would be better to call it brining for some unknown reason.  Brines can be simple, or complex, but brining a turkey takes a bland and dry piece of meat and packs it full of moisture and flavor.  I would cook a turkey without a smoker, but I would NEVER cook a turkey without a brine.

Brining a turkey in simple terms is combining all the ingredients you would use to season the meat into a pot and bring it to a boil. For my brine, I use the ingredients listed below. After bringing it all to a boil I put the liquid into a 5 gallon bucket, place the turkey into the bucket, and fill it with ice water.  If the weather is cold you can also put the brine outside, in the fridge, or place the bucket in a cooler and pack it with ice.  Either way keep the bird cold so it doesn’t go bad. I like to brine my turkey for about 36 hours, but you want a minimum of an hour to an hour and a half per pound of meat... To Be Continued

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