Turkey Brine Recipe

Part 3:

Here is the recipe:  3 quarts Apple juice (or cider), 1 ½ pounds brown sugar, 1 1/2 cup kosher salt, 4 quartered oranges, 6 oz of fresh thinly sliced ginger (grated works too), 15 whole cloves, 6 bay leaves, & one garlic clove crushed.

To cook the turkey, I  personally use a charcoal smoker, and I prefer oak lump charcoal as my fuel source.  If you do not have a smoker you can do this on the BBQ. If using a BBQ I recommend purchasing some wood chips, soaking them in water, and wrapping them in foil.  Poke holes in the foil to allow steam and smoke to escape and place these under the BBQ grate.  This produces smoke to add additional flavor to your turkey.  The type of wood used is a personal preference.  If you are using the BBQ place the turkey in a foil pan and place it on one side of the BBQ.  Do NOT cook under direct heat if possible, using the burners furthest from the turkey as the heat source.... To Be Continued

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