I have shared this in the past, but sometimes it bears repeating. Every Monday morning I run a sales report, and we look over that sales report to see what the trends are for the last week to see what is selling.  We then take that information and compile the top 10 best selling products that we still have inventory left into Monday’s email newsletter.

Due to our moving sale and the great blowout deals, the best selling deals for this week was impossible to narrow down to a top ten (the same sale is enabling the marketing department to avoid manual labor).  So this week we have a much larger field of products as a result. On behalf of Delta Team Tactical, we thank you for this and doing business with us. We genuinely appreciate each and every one of you who purchases from us, shares our content or reads these blog posts we write.  

As a member of the marketing team, we also offer our most sincere thanks for helping us avoid lifting and moving heavy objects. For this, our gratitude knows no bounds.

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