The great lunch debate

Here at DTT, I sit at a desk that we named "Megladesk" inspired by the Megladon. It's several desks that have been pushed together to create one large desk that is great for collaboration and we keep a little space open for people from other departments, clients, etc. 

The regulars that sit at Megladesk every day generally get lunch together and everyday the lunch debate is a great one. There's the budget guy who aggressively slaps their sheet of coupons on the table that they got in the mail. We are all sometimes this person and we all need this person to keep our debit cards in check. Then you have the bougie foodie with no regard for budget. They always make the most delicious suggestions but I am someone who is always crunching numbers and a bougie lunch every day just doesn't add up. With roughly 20 working days in each month those $10-$15 lunches get out of control pretty quick. Then you of course have your loyalists. The ones that will suggest the same spot 4 out of the 5 days each week. Luckily I am not picky and I enjoy variety so I am a little bit of all of these people.

We generally line up on all sides of Megladesk, two or three people usually have some very motivating and convincing speech to see who is on their side. I work in the marketing department so we are seasoned salespeople in one way or another so all the speeches are very convincing. With every speech being a top-notch sales pitch there is rarely one that is a huge standout. With a clear winner, the lunch debate quickly turns into a full blown battle with shots being fired from all angles. With some brutal defeats and bruised egos, we all eventually decide on the spot for the day. This battle usually rages on for about an hour so I always fire the first shot around 11am so we can all be eating around Noon.

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