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Greg Carroll

Date 1/14/2023

Don't know why all the advertising, you can't seem to ship the orders within your shipping window.


Date 1/18/2023 3:34:08 PM

Yeah, I have been waiting for a simple order of 3 items ordered on 12/31/22 it is now 1/18/23 and when I try to call them I get no body when I email them I get no response!! I have used them a lot in the past but I don’t think I will use them again. Piss poor customer service!!!!

Brody Riddle

Date 1/17/2023

Need to focus your efforts on customer service rather than promotional ads. Your company is self destructing.

Dallas Orsborn

Date 1/17/2023

Agree with previous comments. Efforts need directed towards quality customer service and timely processing of orders which are both lacking.

Ed Stevenson

Date 1/24/2023

Did I do the wrong thing by ordering with this company!?? Didnt realize there is a lag in fulfillment of orders

Peter Collins

Date 1/25/2023

So here it is in a nut shell if you prices wernt so good and the quality is great. With that being said I spend alot of money with you guys and gals so to everyone pointing out the obvious just wrap your head around this find it cheaper and still keep the quality you can't. So me personally I just expect it to take 3 times longer than other vendors.I mean I get shit from faster that delta Team tac what customer service


Date 1/25/2023

Took forever to receive my items. Service is certainly lacking. I even paid the extra shipping fee.

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