Top 5 Most popular ar-15 upgrades for beginners

5 popular ways to upgrade your AR-15

We’ve taken a close look at all the things beginners and even professional builders like to add to their out-of-the-box rifle or their newly finished build. Here are the most popular AR-15 upgrades and accessories you’ll see on nearly every purpose-built AR-15.

Improved Sights and Optics

Upgrading to aftermarket iron sights or a red dot sight can improve accuracy and speed up target acquisition. If you don’t have a set of backup sights, and your setup will allow it, adding a pair of flip-up sights is always recommended to use as a backup in case your optic or red dot fails to function when you need it most. Shop Flip Up and Iron Sights here.

Installing a Red Dot sight, LPVO, or Scope can improve accuracy and speed up target acquisition.  Optics tend to be one of the last things that builders start looking for after their AR-15 is put together. As with most components, choosing which optic you’ll need will largely depend on what you’ll be using the rifle for. Fixed iron sights can be used as your main sights, (A nod to those retro rifle builders out there) or they can be used as a backup in case your optics fail.  Optics like Red Dots are great for close range, target shooting, and certain competitions and shooting sports, LPVO optics (Low Power Variable Optics) are a great option for that happy medium between close to further distances, and High Power Scopes are the go-to for those long-range shots. If you’ve already got a red dot and would like see out further distances, a Magnifier can be added in front of your red dot to get you the similar capabilities that an LPVO would have. You can find a variety of optics to upgrade your AR-15 here.

Enhanced Grip

Adding an aftermarket grip can improve the feel and handling of the rifle. AR-15 Grips come in all sorts of different shapes, sizes, angles, and finishes designed to accommodate the preferences of every possible variation in shooting style, hand size, material, texture, storage, colors, and/or style.

Better Trigger

Upgrading the trigger to reduce the pull weight or improve the feel can enhance the shooting experience and improve accuracy. Most trigger options can be broken into two main categories. You’ll have your standard Mil-spec triggers (Most lower parts kits come with a standard mil-spec trigger), and your Drop-in or match triggers. These two different styles offer different trigger pull weights, straight or curved triggers, single-stage and two-stage, and much more. If you’re a beginner, it is normally recommended to start with building out a rifle with an affordable mil-spec trigger assembly, then as you learn more about your shooting preferences, and develop a purpose-built rifle, the trigger can be upgraded to a drop-in trigger to help you enhance your shooting capabilities. A drop-in trigger upgrade replaces your old mil-spec trigger.

Upgrading your Muzzle Device to work best with your Shooting Preferences

It can be difficult to decide which style of muzzle device is best. The make a better decision its important to know that different styles have different features. Birdcage-style muzzle devices are meant to help reduce muzzle flash, Blast cans are designed to help project the sound and flash forward away from you. This style might be valuable if you shoot in indoor ranges frequently. Compensators and brakes help with recoil management and muzzle flip. Some muzzle devices are hybrids that serve multiple functions. 

When selecting your muzzle device, take a close look that the function and purpose of each muzzle device style, and pick the one you feel will best suit your needs! We carry tons of options at a great price. Those can be found here

Better Magazine or Just more of Them!

Yes, Magazines are a bit different when it comes to discussing upgrades to AR-15 parts. But upgrading to higher-capacity magazines or magazines with higher-quality construction can improve the reliability and function of your rifle. Adding more magazines overall to your kit not only saves you time reloading mags at the range but also sets you up in a great spot to practice reloading/magazine change drills. You can upgrade your magazines or add more to your collection here.

As always, be sure to familiarize yourself with all applicable laws and regulations before attempting any modifications to a firearm. It is also a good idea to seek the assistance of a qualified gunsmith when making any significant modifications to a firearm that you don’t feel comfortable doing.

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