Part 3:

It finally came time to pay, so Jo and I went to the local Safeway so I could get a money order. Once up at the counter, the biggest problem became very apparent. I forgot to call my credit union to let them know I would be withdrawing a couple thousand dollars. My money order was denied. The bank was closed. I was more embarrassed than I think I have been in my entire life. 

Jo ended up being a really nice guy and he drove around with me as I tried to track down ATM’s. I was able to find one where I pulled out $1000 before my card was quickly placed on hold and deactivated. We then found another ATM where I was able to pull out $500 before the ATM no longer had enough money for another withdrawal. One more ATM was visited where an additional  $500 was pulled from yet another card. By this point, 3 hours had elapsed and I only had half the money I needed to secure the car for my own. Out of desperation, I asked Jo if I could Venmo him the remaining $2000 which made him extremely nervous but after a few beers at his house and some convincing from his wife, the Venmo offer was accepted (turns out it's a very secure payment platform and PayPal has really gotten their stuff together) and I was able to take the truck back to Utah... To Be Continued

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