Part 5 -
The last 130 miles through Wyoming were treacherous. Ice became visible once it was about an inch thick on the surface of the asphalt and the 18 wheelers and passenger vehicles began to struggle. Flow of traffic slowed down to a crawl in many places and what was supposed to be an 8 hour drive turned into a 12 or 13 hour drive. It was long and exhausting, but I eventually got my new vehicle home and the rest will be history soon.

When I purchased the vehicle, I intended on having a mechanic take a look at it before I bought it. Because of my money situation though, I decided to not go to a mechanic to try and save time. I finally took the 4runner into a mechanic here in provo, and he informed me that I got a screaming deal and the rig was pure gold but needed a little TLC. This news was exhilarating and relieving. 

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