This past weekend, I bought one of my dream cars. It was a horribly amazing experience that I am overjoyed to have taken. With weeks of searching, I was able to find something within my budget and in good condition. If you are looking for your dream car, don’t give up. With patience, we can all find something we love and that fits into our lives. I have to put another $1800 to $2000 into my vehicle to make it pristine and a more capable off roading rig. This is going to take me some time, but the first and most important step has been taken. If you're on the fence and have the means, I highly recommend treating yourself to the things that can help bring fun and excitement into your life. Especially during these times, finding something to help elevate your life can be an amazing experience!

The Plan from here. When you’ve been driving a sedan for 4 years, getting a 4x4 capable vehicle back in your life is pretty amazing. I primarily purchased this vehicle for off roading but this also includes hunting, fishing, shooting, and camping. Many of the coolest places I’ve been require the use of a vehicle like this, and I should be able to start hunting big game again now that I have a rig that can actually hold an entire deer or elk in the storage area.

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