The 4runner needs some work though. Starting with the mechanical side of things, many of the internal components are original and are about to turn 20. This includes the water pump, radiator, and fan clutch (probs not gonna change this yet). It also needs the driver side rack and pinion replaced, the timing belt needs to be changed, and the rear suspension needs to be redone. Seems like a lot of work, but this should all be done by new years or at least early into 2021! After these things are taken care of, then comes the skid plates, 2” lift/leveling kit, and finally interior work. 

I want this vehicle to be capable of any activity I throw at it. From road trips to crawling and hunting. To help this out, I want to add secure holding spots for firearms on the back of the two front seats and on the sides of the rear storage area. This would allow for easy access to a rifle or shotgun when I’m out driving forest service land looking for big game and, more exciting for me, grouse and other game birds. 

As I continue to work on and enjoy this new opportunity, I will continue to update you all on the exploits and adventures taken by the 2001 4runner and it’s new owner. 

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