We were talking about the different styles of AR the other day and what we thought of each one. When we were talking, we stayed to the look of the platform instead of the function, because while almost every AR can be changed to look unique to what their owner wants, the function of said AR's is fundamentally the same. 

The main three that were brought up is the classic, the two-tone, and the color coordinated. The classic look was brought up to be the sleek black look where all of the parts on the upper are the same shade of black giving it that spy look that they wanted. The two-tone is pretty simple, because it means that your upper has both black and silver on it. Most commonly here at Delta, our two-tone builds are black receivers with a stainless barrel along with a black muzzle and handguard. Color coordinated is where you have whichever main color you want (most common is black) and it is accented with a bright color such as blue or red or gold.

Whichever style you want, we have options for them here at Delta Team Tactical. Check out the deals that we have for you both below and on our website. 

Quote of the day: “It is better to be defeated standing for a high principle than to run by committing subterfuge.” -President Grover Cleveland

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