My husband and I were talking about how there is normally two types of people in a relationship. Whether you are dating, married or friends, there is normally one person that is distracted and one that is not when it comes to small but dangerous things. As an example, one year my mother-in-law and father-in-law went to camping and saw a bear cub while they were hiking. While my mother-in-law wanted to go get closer and take a photo of it, my father-in-law had his head on a swivel looking for the momma bear while he was dragging her away. 

While we don't have any furry creatures here at Delta Team Tactical, we do have something that is small but dangerous. We have a 3.5" 9MM AR pistol for you guys as one of our deals below. It is the smallest barrel that we have carried to date, and it makes for a great camping protection because of how small it is. Check it out below with the others and remember to stay safe this camping season. 

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