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Ultimate Complete "Tactical" 9mm Glock 17 Polymer 80 "Cobalt Color Frame" Build Kit Includes: Slide, Threaded Nitride Barrel, Complete Full Pistol Parts Kit **Every Part Needed To Build Complete Glock Pistol**

Ultimate Complete "Tactical" 9mm Glock 17 Polymer 80 "Cobalt Color Frame" Build Kit Includes: Slide, Threaded Nitride Barrel, Complete Full Pistol Parts Kit **Every Part Needed To Build Complete Glock Pistol**

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Ultimate Complete Tactical 9mm Glock 17 Polymer 80 Cobalt Build Kit
Includes 80% Frame,Slide Nitride Threaded Barrel, Complete Upper & Lower Parts Kits
**Every Part Needed To Build Complete Glock Pistol**
(Minus Sights)

The Tactical Version Has A Threaded Barrel & Cobalt Color Frame.
(See Pictures #2 &3  Picture for Barrel & Frame That Is included In This kit
Stock Photo Does Not Contain Right Barrel Or Frame See 2nd & 3rd Pics
For Correct Frame & Barrel That is Upgraded In This Kit)

New Awesome Colbalt Color Frame 
(Cobalt Color is a Very Dark Grey Color) 

We put together a kit of epic proportions with this kit you can build a complete Glock pistol 
This kit includes everything Slide,Barrel, 80% Poly 80 Frame, Upper Build Kit, Lower Build Kit
It Includes Everything All In One Kit
Really This Kit You Can Complete In About 1.5 Hour 
The Frame In Just 10-15 Minutes

The Parts Are Made By Glock,Lone Wolf & BCA . The BCA & Lone Wolf Parts Are A Contract Build OEM Slide & Barrel
All of the internal Parts Are Genuine Glock Parts.
The Frame is Polymer 80's Newest Gen Glock 17 Frame & Jig,Tools Build Kit 
Giving You The Easiest & Cheapest Way To Complete A Glock 80%
(Excludes Sights Not Included)
(Everything Except Sights Included)

The PF940v2 is Polymer80’s next generation of polymer 80% frames for Glock® handguns, bringing improved ergonomics, features and looks to the popular Polymer80 frames.
When completed this gun will be higher quality than the original Glock where the barrel is a match threaded barrel, higher quality Polymer frame, extended release features
All for a price less than a new glock sells for. 

Improved newest generation ergonomics make for a great shooting pistol
  • High strength reinforced polymer construction provides a great basis for a reliable & durable gun
  • Aggressive texture on the PF940v2 ensures positive retention
  • ReadyMod version allows user to completely stipple and customize frame
  • Picatinny rail is compatible with all standard lights, lasers & accessories
  • Stainless steel locking block ensures positive operation & a lifetime of use 
  • Stainless steel drop-in rear rail module interfaces with the slide and holds up to hard abuse 
  • Hardened front and rear rail system pins ensure slide/rail/frame interface is rock solid
  • Includes complete finishing jig
  • Jig includes drill bits and end mill, allowing for complete construction
  • The 80% frame features are carried over from the original Polymer80 frames, making your build incredibly straightforward to complete. New grip profiling and improved overall design, make this not only an easier frame to operate and shoot, but looks great mounted to your favorite slide.
  • Included is Slide, Barrel, Slide Parts Kit, Lower Frame Parts Kit, PF940v2 Frame, Jig, Tools.

Ultimate Kit Includes:

Polymer 80 80% Frame Kit Jig & Tools (Colbalt Color)
Glock OEM Mag Catch Spring
Glock OEM Mag Catch
Glock OEM Slide Lock
Glock OEM Slide Lock Spring
Glock OEM Trigger housing with Ejector 9mm
Glock OEM 5 pound connector
Glock OEM Trigger Spring
Glock OEM Trigger with Bar
Glock OEM Trigger pin
Glock OEM Trigger Housing pin
Glock OEM Slide Release
Glock OEM Locking Block pin
Lone Wolf  Oem Slide
BCA Threaded Match Nitride Barrel (Barrel Thread Protector Is Not Included)
Glock OEM guide rod w/spring 
Glock OEM Firing Pin Spring Cups
Glock OEM Spring Loaded Bearing with Loaded Chamber Indicator
Glock OEM Slide Cover Plate
Glock OEM Firing Pin Safety with Spring
Glock OEM Firing Pin Spring
Glock OEM Extractor Depressor Plunger
Glock OEM Extractor with Loaded Chamber Indicator
Glock OEM Extractor Depressor Plunger 
GlockOEM Guide Rod and Recoil Spring Assembly
Glock OEM Firing Pin Spacer Sleeve
Glock OEM Firing Pin Channel Liner
Glock OEM Firing Pin

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