My coworkers and I were talking about how it seems that no one wears green on St. Patrick's Day anymore at work. Yea, there is one or two, but the majority of the people don't seem to care. They want to save their green for after work when they get to party.

We were curious about why people wore green in the first place, and the reason was as shocking as it was amusing. It was to keep leprechauns from pinching you. Yep! The whole point of looking like someone dumped green paint on you is so that a small legendary creature would not be able to see you. Apparently leprechauns are color blind to green. So, if you feel a pinch and you are nowhere near anyone else and you aren't wearing green, just know that you just had a small character decide that they want to make you the target of their prank. Just because they can. 

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