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Aero Precision EPC-9 Receiver Set - Anodized Black, 9mm/.40S&W, Magazine Catch Installed

Part Number: S-RS-62923
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Aero Precision EPC-9 Receiver Set - Anodized Black
 9mm/.40S&W, Magazine Catch Installed

General Info: AR-15 Lowers are the heart of the rifle, housing the fire control components, mounting your recoil assembly, stock, and buffer. Thanks to the modular design the AR15 platform is a proven and battle-tested design that certainly lives up to the durability and standards of its operating nations. AR-9 Lowers Use a few non-standard parts not found in typical LPK Packs, Such as the ejector assembly that is incorporated into the lower, the mag release paddle, roll-pin, and spring associated with it. AR-9 Lowers have adapted to using Glock Magazines with Glock Magwells incorporated.

About This Lower: The Aero Precision EPC-9 receiver set is precision machined from 2 custom 7075-T6 Aluminum forgings that gives it a seamless look. It features an integrated, enlarged trigger guard that reduces the possibility of breaking off trigger guard tabs. The threaded takedown pin detent recess to allow for the installation of a detent and spring with a single 4-40 set screw. The upper receiver also features a dimple above receiver threads to provide a visual reference for proper handguard timing.

About This Brand: Aero Precision’s roots are deeply tied to aerospace, and their drive for clean, perfect engineering and machining stems from that. When you’re building something that will fly in the air, there is no margin for error. Aero Precision takes that same approach in the firearms industry. Not every manufacturer will have razor-thin tolerance levels. Not every manufacturer will personally oversee the development, design, and machining of every part that comes off the line. Aero Precision is not every manufacturer.

Finish: Anodized Black

Brand: Aero Precision
Model: EPC-9 Receiver Set Anodized Black
Material: Billet
Platform: AR-9 (Glock)
Finish: Anodized
Color: Black
Country of Origin: USA
Serialized: Yes
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