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Aero Precision M5 Field Repair Kit

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Aero Precision M5 Field Repair Kit


Never Miss a Shot: The M5 Field Repair Kit

Be Prepared for Anything

As a seasoned shooter, you know that even the best-made rifles can experience unexpected malfunctions. Whether it's a broken trigger spring or a loose bolt catch, these issues can quickly put a damper on your range day. That's why every gun owner, new or old, needs the M5 Field Repair Kit in their arsenal.

Comprehensive Coverage

The M5 Field Repair Kit includes a comprehensive selection of common parts that may rattle loose or break during use. From takedown pin detents to trigger springs, bolt catch buffers to safety selector detents, this kit has you covered for a wide range of potential issues. With duplicates of essential components and even specialized screws for threaded holes, you'll have everything you need to keep your rifle in top condition.

Compact and Convenient

Designed for convenience and portability, the M5 Field Repair Kit is compact enough to fit in your range bag or gun case without taking up much space. It's lightweight and easy to carry, ensuring that you'll always have it on hand when you need it most. Whether you're at the range, out hunting, or participating in competitions, having this kit with you gives you peace of mind knowing that you're prepared for any eventuality.

Never Let Malfunctions Ruin Your Day

Don't let a broken trigger spring or loose bolt catch ruin your day at the range. With the M5 Field Repair Kit, you'll always have the parts you need to get your rifle up and running again quickly and easily. Whether you're a seasoned shooter or new to the world of firearms, this kit is an essential addition to your gear. Invest in the M5 Field Repair Kit today and ensure that nothing stands between you and a perfect day of shooting.


Brand: Aero Precision
Model: M5 Field Repair Kit

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