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Amend 2 Magazine AR-15 30Rd Black

Part Number: MAG-30156
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Amend2 AR-15 30Rd


Unlock the untamed potential of your AR-15 with the Amend2 MOD 2 30-Round Magazine! Prepare to experience an impeccable performance that will leave your shooting buddies red with envy. We've got you covered with an impact-resistant polymer body, a stainless steel spring, and an anti-tilt super follower, making this magazine an absolute game-changer. This magazine is designed to work best with 5.56 NATO but is also compatible with .223 Remington.

Say goodbye to feeding issues and embrace the flawless feeding performance of the Amend2 MOD 2 Magazine. Its stainless steel spring ensures reliable and smooth cycling, providing you with the confidence to take on any shooting challenge. No more misfeeds, no more jams – just uninterrupted shooting pleasure.

You asked for toughness, and we delivered! The impact-resistant polymer body of the Amend2 MOD 2 Magazine is engineered to withstand the harshest environments and abuse, making it your go-to choice for every adventure on the range or in the field. Embrace the durability that can handle any situation.

The anti-tilt super follower is the guardian angel of your ammunition, guiding each round with precision and care. Bid farewell to annoying magazine issues and interrupting jams and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with consistent and reliable feeding. The Amend2 MOD 2 Magazine ensures that your AR-15 runs like a well-oiled machine.

Why do you need an Amend 2 Magazine?
1. Smooth Operation: A magazine that runs smooth and minimizes issues - ensuring you can rely on it in every shooting session.
2. Perfect Fit: Tailored specifically for AR-15 platforms, this magazine fits seamlessly and securely, eliminating wobbling and magazine-related issues.
3. Sleek and Functional: The captivating black finish not only adds a touch of style to your AR-15 but also enhances visibility and usability.

Get ready to feel the power of a magazine designed to enhance your shooting experience. With a textured body that provides an unbeatable grip, this magazine ensures smooth and swift mag changes, so you can stay in the zone and on target. Say hello to faster reloads and goodbye to wasted time.

When it comes to quality and performance, the Amend2 MOD 2 30-Round Magazine is in a league of its own. Whether you're a seasoned marksman or just getting started, this magazine is your ticket to shooting excellence. It's time to elevate your AR-15 game with the Amend2 MOD 2 30-Round Magazine. Unleash the full potential of your firearm and seize every shooting opportunity with confidence and style. Your AR-15 deserves the best, and the Amend2 MOD 2 Magazine delivers – it's the ultimate magazine for the modern-day shooter.


Brand: Amend2
Model: AR-15 30Rd
Caliber Compatibility: .223 Remington, 5.56 NATO
Capacity: 30
Platform Compatibility AR-15
Feed Lips: Polymer
Follower Color: Red
Construction: Polymer

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