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Amend2 SR-25/AR-10 7.62x51 20-Round Black Magazine MOD-2 Model

Part Number: MAG-30269
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Amend2 SR-25/AR-10 7.62x51 20-Round Black Magazine MOD-2 Model

Looking for the perfect magazine for your battle rifle? Look no further than these superb 20-round magazines from Amend 2. Combining the experiences had with other polymer mags, the team over at Amend 2 has crafted their latest generation of the 20-round magazine. When it comes to slinging .308 downrange, the Amend 2 Mags will ensure you deliver those rounds effectively and continuously, when looking at the ability to feed rounds reliably, 20 rounds is the standard since the adaptation of larger round guns following the Second World War, from the early variations of the M14 in the Vietnamese Jungles to the SR-25 being use for overwatch in the cities of the Middle East, 20 rounds of .308 have always been an Americans friend. The ability to depend on these mags makes them perfect for those planning on carrying battle rifles or even DMR setup rifles, as the look of a 20-round Amend 2 magazine gets the heart racing, range days are made easier with knowing that your magazines are going to run and gun the way you want them to.

Amend 2 has always sought out to produce high-quality magazines at a price that allows every American to have access to them. We carry Amend 2 as we agree with the sentiment that every American has the right to affordable magazines that get the job done. These mags are the best .308 mags you can find.

Brand: Amend2
Model: SR-25/AR-10 7.62x51 20-Round Black Magazine MOD-2 Model
Caliber Compatibility: 7.62x51
Capacity: 20
Platform Compatibility AR-10/LR-308
Feed Lips: Polymer
Windowed: Witness Holes
Follower Color: Red
Construction: Polymer
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