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Ammo Can Gift Box: Ammo Can/Dry Box + SE 100 Pc First Aid Kit + 3-in-1 Head Lamp

Part Number: TGB-84337
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Ammo Can Gift Box:
Sona Enterprises Illuminated Ammo Can/Dry Box with Detachable Lid and Light
+SE 100 Pc First Aid Kit Stored in a Waterproof Red Dry Sack
+Head Lamp-3-in-1 COB (150 Lumen) & LED (100 Lumen), 3 St, Black

Keeping your gear dry and away from the elements is important which is why you need the waterproof Sona Enterprises Illuminated Dry Box. Storing your items and protecting them is easy with this 11.4"x5.1"x7.5” dry box. It features a detachable lid and includes a light and 3 AAA batteries.

Be ready for all potential unexpected emergencies at home, in the car, outdoors, at the range, or on the water. This SE general use first aid kit provides all the essential items you'll need to deal with cuts, scrapes, minor burns, sprains, strains, pain, fever, and more.


10 Alcohol Wipes

4 Sting Relief Wipes

4 Cleaning Wipes

4 Soap Wipes

2 Iodine Prep Pad

10 Cotton Swabs

20 Medium Bandages

15 Large Bandages

5 Mini Bandages

5 Circular Bandages

1 Butterfly Bandage

1 Elastic Gauze Bandage

1 Moleskin Sheet

1 Eye Pad

2 Burn Gels

1 Emergency Blanket

1 Fever Cooling Patch

6 Safety pins

1 Pair of Gloves

1 CPR Mask

1 Tweezer

Rather than holding a flashlight, you can use the FL8201-3BB 3-in-1 COB and LED Headlamp with Adjustable Headband to work and illuminate areas without the hassle, hands-free. This compact sized item is handy to have in case of a blackout or emergency/survival situation. You can take it with you while biking, boating, camping, construction, everyday tasks, hiking, and more. Featuring a 90 degrees head adjustment, our headlamps provide illumination when you need it on your adventure. This product requires (3) AAA batteries, which are not included.

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