We put 1,000+ rounds through the Journeyman Pro over the course of about 45 minutes. We ran it VERY hot, we threw it on the ground, tossed it in the dirt, and used a variety of different magazines. We can easily say that we're really happy with the results. It didn't come without a couple little hang ups, but the Journeyman Pro took all the abuse like a champ. Also, we will be putting thread lock on the anti-walk pins on all Journeyman Pro rifles.


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Joshua Palmer

Date 8/27/2022

Nice.....just the upgrades I would buy anyway, 1,000 rounds without a malfunction. Definitely a good rifle, especially still pretty good off hand shooting groups afterwards too!


Date 9/2/2022 10:34:20 PM

What a waste of ammo that could’ve been 1000 dead terrorists lol

Bob scott

Date 9/2/2022 7:23:56 PM

looks like a great gun


Date 8/28/2022

DTT is definatly the best place to get the right set up for your first rifle they have so many options you dont have to settle for what every one in your town has. Now they will have rifles with upgrades built in the barrel being the most impotant in my book.

Andrew Conant

Date 9/2/2022

A rifle I'd definitely use on range day

Steve Clothier

Date 9/2/2022

Yes, indeedy, this would be fun to shoot!

Shannon Brooks

Date 9/6/2022

Good torture test


Date 9/15/2022

Thanks for the review to help me make the decision to consider this one. Looking hard and this is a good deal. Thanks!


Date 9/20/2022

I liked how it fired from being so hot I have never watched a AR get that hot with out a failure.

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