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AR-15 A2 Detachable Rear Sight

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NcStar AR-15 A2 Detachable Rear Sight


Optimal Sighting Solution for AR Builds

For enthusiasts dedicated to precision in their AR-15, M4, and M16 builds, especially those focusing on replicating the classic A1 and A2 models or enhancing their current setups, the AR-15 Detachable Rear Sight offers an unparalleled combination of adaptability, durability, and compatibility. Crafted to fit almost all flattop Picatinny rail upper receivers, this detachable rear sight is a testament to functionality and precision, allowing for meticulous adjustments in both elevation and windage to ensure your shots are on target under varied conditions.

The dual aperture design caters to both rapid target acquisition and precision aiming, making this sight versatile for different shooting scenarios. The sight's large steel thumb nut and robust steel rail clamp guarantee a secure and unwavering attachment to your upper receiver, ensuring reliability even in the most demanding situations.

Moreover, this sight's compact design does not impede the mounting of additional optics. Whether you prefer red-dot, reflex, or holographic sights for close-quarters engagement, this rear sight ensures that your AR platform remains adaptable and functional across a wide range of shooting disciplines.

Manufactured by NcSTAR and made from high-grade aluminum and steel, this precision A2 rear sight embodies quality and durability. Its sleek black finish not only adds a professional aesthetic to your rifle but also promises longevity and resistance to the elements. Whether you're completing an authentic A1/A2 replica build or looking to enhance your modern AR with reliable, adjustable sighting, this AR-15 Detachable Rear Sight stands as a prime choice, blending historical accuracy with contemporary tactical advantage.


Brand: NcStar
Model: AR-15 A2 Detachable Rear Sight
Mount Position: AR A2 Style
Material: Aluminum
Color: Black
Mounting System: PIcatinny
Spring Loaded: No

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