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Armaspec Sound Mitigation Buffer - H Gen3

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Armaspec Sound Mitigation Buffer - H Gen3

Experience enhanced recoil reduction and smoother operation with the Armaspec Sound Mitigation Buffer - H Gen3. This Gen3 buffer is designed to significantly reduce recoil by preventing the buffer spring from rubbing against the buffer tube, resulting in improved shooting comfort.

Not only does the Sound Mitigation Buffer (SMB) Gen3 provide recoil reduction, but it also minimizes noise during firing, ensuring a quieter shooting experience. Upgrade your AR-15 platform with this quick and easy drop-in replacement for your standard buffer and spring.

Featuring a single-stage captured design, the SMB Gen3 is built to deliver consistent performance. The adjustable spring weight allows for fine-tuning, with the option to trim the mainspring at increments of .25 lbs per coil, providing you with customizable tension and optimal performance up to a maximum of 12 coils.

Crafted with precision in the U.S.A., the Armaspec Sound Mitigation Buffer - H Gen3 guarantees reliability and durability. The package includes a polymer base with a steel guide rod, a spring, and a buffer, ensuring all the necessary components for a seamless installation.

With an actual weight of 4.91 oz and an equivalent weight of 3.8 oz, this buffer is designed specifically for AR-15 compatibility. Enhance your shooting experience with the Armaspec Sound Mitigation Buffer - H Gen3 and enjoy reduced recoil, smoother operation, and improved overall performance.

Brand: Armaspec
Model: Sound Mitigation Buffer - H Gen3
Weight: 3.8 oz H
Buffer Class: Single Stage
Platform: AR-15
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