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Polymer80 PF320 Full Size Stainless Steel Barrel

Part Number: B9MM-NTSG-32904
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Polymer80 Barrel, PF320, Full Size, Stainless


Polymer80 PF320 Full Size Stainless Steel Barrel
If you have a full-size SIG P320 or are building one out, then you need to check out the SIG PF320 Full Size Stainless Steel Barrel. This barrel will add that classic handgun look to one of the most modern handguns in the world. With the backing of the Polymer 80 engineers and the efficient designs put forward by Polymer80, the PF320 full-size barrel gives a user the ability to have a higher quality-looking barrel with a unique barrel design while not losing the reliability of the base gun.

The sleek design also gives you the shooter comfort in the quality of the barrel, and a confident shooter is a good shooter. Being able to depend on the PF320 stainless steel full barrel allows you to focus on your form and aiming as you know you'll have one of the coolest-looking handguns out on the range. The stainless steel look has never been better looking, than in the slide of a SIG P320.

Built out of 416R steel, these barrels can stand up to all the standard wear and tear that comes along from shooting a SIG P320, the full-size barrel also helps bring down the bore of the firearm and allows for the bullet to gain more velocity and travel more accurately.


Brand: Polymer80
Model: Barrel, PF320, Full Size, Stainless
Model Compatibility: P320 Full Size
Gen Compatibility: Full Size
Caliber: 9mm (9x19)
Material: 416R Stainless
Finish: Black Nitride
Threaded: No

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