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DTT Apparel - How Our Shirts Are Made With Satellite PrintLab

Here at Delta Team Tactical we pride ourselves in our apparel. This is something we've wanted to do for a while, but need to find the best manufacturer. We needed to find someone that could match the quality standard we needed. After some digging,
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Share Your Spooky Stories

A favourite memory of one of my coworkers is the more recent time that he went trick-or-treating with his two boys. They all decided to go as the Aquabats since that is one of their all time favourite bands to listen to and dance to together. He remembers that specific Halloween because one of his sons was to young to wear a mask so they drew the mask on his face with eyeliner in different colours. 

Trick-or-treating is a great way for families to spend time together. Even dress up similar because they have the same interests. Another thing that can bring people together is joining the gun community with building your first AR. 

What is your favourite Halloween memory? Find this blog post on our website and comment your memory! 

Spooky Fact for the Day: "Halloween is one of the world’s oldest traditions, it began in Ireland and dates back 2000 years to the Celts who called it Samhain"
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Planning Ahead

One of my favorite Halloween experiences growing up was always planning out our Halloween candy route with my friends. In the area that I lived in, the candy, for a lack of a better word, was disappointing. So, we made a plan to get the best candy that we could. From asking around at school the days leading up to Halloween we were informed that the biggest candy bars were given out in the neighborhood that was up on the hill. These were big houses and were pretty far away from where we lived. So, with that in mind we planned to leave our houses earlier so that we got there right when candy was first being handed out and could still get home before it was too late at night. I will always remember that Halloween night, getting back our houses with so much “good” candy. 

This mindset has always stuck with me that if I take the time to plan and become informed into what I am planning that my chances for success increase drastically. Here at Delta Team Tactical we offer a wide variety of products so that we can meet your specific AR-15 build “plan” and create the best chance of success for you.

Spooky Fact for the Day: "Samhainophobia is the fear of Halloween."
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Spooky Stories 2.0

Happy second day of the spooky season! We are continuing the spooky stories with another one of my coworker's favourite Halloween memory! 

He was younger when he first watched the movie Rambo and instantly thought that it was the best movie in all of cinema creation. So, for Halloween that year he decided to put on a red bandana and an old timey Army uniform top and became the one and only Rambo. After a night of trick-or-treating with his friends and collecting many garbage bags full of sweets, they all went back to his house and watched his new favourite movie along with other action packed films. 

Spooky Fact of the Day: "The first Jack O’Lanterns were originally made from turnips."
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Beginning of Spooky Season 2020

Happy beginning of the spooky season! This is by far my favourite time of the year because of all things spooky. My coworkers and I were talking about our favourite halloween memory and one of my coworkers was telling us about the time he worked in the Haunted Forest and made a grown man pee his pants and scream. 

When he worked in the Forest, there was a part where the group of people were herded into a section where they met someone who was at a campfire. The man tells people a joke, then throws a flame at their feet. They all scoot back and my coworker was one of the people who would rev a chainsaw from behind. He said it was by far one of his favourite moments in Halloween history. So, welcome to the spooky season! Stay safe! (Do not try any part of this story at home. It was done in a controlled environment and no one was hurt.)

Halloween Fact of the Day: "Trick-or-treating (also known as guising) has existed since medieval times"
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