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BUL Armory Cherokee 9MM

Part Number: S-GUN-68465
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BUL Armory Cherokee

The BUL Armory Cherokee is a compact semi-automatic pistol chambered in 9mm (9x19). It features a black color scheme with a black oxide slide finish and a polymer frame construction. The pistol has a barrel length of 3.66 inches.

The Cherokee operates in both single-action and double-action modes, offering versatility in terms of trigger operation. It has a magazine capacity of 17 rounds plus one in the chamber, thanks to its double-stack magazine design.

As a compact pistol, the Cherokee is designed for easy concealment and comfortable carry. Its polymer frame helps to reduce weight while maintaining durability. The black finish on both the slide and frame gives it a sleek and tactical appearance.

Please note that the BUL Armory Cherokee may be subject to restrictions in certain states or jurisdictions. It is important to check and comply with the laws and regulations regarding firearm ownership, purchasing, and carrying in your specific location.

The BUL Armory Cherokee is made in the USA, offering a domestic option for those looking for a compact and reliable 9mm pistol.

Brand: BUL Armory
Model: Cherokee
Color: Black
Capacity: 17+1
Action: Single/ Double Action
Barrel Length: 3.66"
Slide Finish: Black Oxide
Frame Construction: Polymer
Frame Finish: Black
Magazine Type: Double Stack
Size Class: Compact
Condition: New
Classification: Pistol
Restricted States: Yes
Country of Origin: USA
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