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Davidson Defense "Butch" Ultra Match AR-15 Curved Drop-In Trigger - 3.5 Pound Trigger Pull

Part Number: TR-34961
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Davidson Defense "Butch" Ultra Match AR-15 Curved Drop-In Trigger


An effortless trigger upgrade that will redefine your AR-15!

Outperform in any scenario with the Davidson Defense "Butch" Ultra Match AR-15 Curved Drop-In Trigger - a match-level drop-in trigger that is precision machined to offer you a competitive edge. Meticulously machined from high-grade materials and featuring a crisp 3.5 lb. trigger pull, this drop-in trigger features a short uptake and a short reset. Designed for competitions, advanced shooters, and those looking for a phenomenal trigger, the Davidson Defense "Butch" Ultra Match trigger will help you stay ahead of the rest.

Precision Machined Aluminum Housing, Match-Grade Steel Internals:
The "Butch" Ultra Match Trigger features robust aluminum housing paired with match-grade steel internals, ensuring optimal functionality and durability. This combination of materials guarantees a trigger that stands up to the demands of rigorous shooting sessions, providing a consistent and reliable performance every time you pull the trigger. Every component is carefully crafted to ensure flawless compatibility with AR-15 lowers and parts. The trigger's elegant and classy appearance is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into its production, making it a standout addition to any AR-15 build.

Match-Level Design for a Competitive Edge:
Designed with serious shooters in mind, the "Butch" Ultra Match Trigger boasts a match-level design that delivers a light and consistent 3.5 lb. trigger pull - leagues better than the standard mil-spec triggers that range anywhere from 5-10 pounds. The result is a trigger with minimal travel and a short reset, providing you with the competitive edge needed to excel in any scenario. Experience lightning-fast operation and precise trigger control for improved accuracy and quicker follow-up shots.

Seamless Integration, Consistent Performance:
The drop-in design of the "Butch" Ultra Match Trigger ensures a hassle-free installation, allowing you to enjoy a crisp and clean trigger pull without the need for extensive gunsmithing. Compatible with AR-15 lowers, this trigger is as simple as removing your old trigger and simply dropping this trigger into place and securing it with anti-walk pins. No more having to carefully align the hammer and trigger assemblies and worrying about pinched fingers, lost springs, or wasted time. It's a quick, easy, and quite nearly effortless upgrade.

Why Buy the Davidson Defense "Butch" Trigger?
Between its light and crisp trigger pull, drop-in installation-friendly design, high-grade construction, and precision machined design, this drop-in trigger is easily one of the best out there for its price point. Whether you're just getting started in competitions, are an absolute pro, or are looking for a phenomenal upgrade to your existing trigger, the Davidson Defense "Butch" trigger offers effortless installation and incredible performance.


Brand: Davidson Defense
Model: "Butch" Ultra Match AR-15 Curved Drop-In Trigger
Type: Drop-In
Compatibility: AR-15
Pull Weight: 3.5 Lbs.
Anti-Walk Pins: Not Included but Recommended
Color: Red, Black
Trigger Style: Curved
Country of Origin: USA

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