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Gauntlet Arms 'Goblin' LR-308 DPMS Style Low Profile Stripped Upper Receiver - Forward Assist Installed *BLEMISHED*

Part Number: 4653-BLEM
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Gauntlet Arms 'Goblin' LR-308 DPMS Style Low Profile Stripped Upper Receiver
*Forward Assist Installed*
*Limit 1 Per Order*

Upper Receivers mount and house the barrel, handguard, and gas system in a AR-15 or LR-308/AR-10. Custom upper receivers vary from Side Chargers, and Skeletonized uppers, to Rigidity Reinforced or 'Lite' receivers, where certain features such as the forward assist and brass deflector are removed to streamline the design. This also applies to most Pistol Caliber Carbine upper receivers with special ejection door cuts made specific for 9mm or .45ACP.

About this Upper: This Low Profile, LR-308 Upper Receiver is DPMS style upper receiver custom built for the highest performance LR-308 builds. Featuring a forward assist assembly and compatibility with low profile LR-308 handguards. This upper receiver is compatible with CMMG, Aero Precision, James Madison Tactical, Polymer 80, and many other lower receivers.

Material: Forged 7075-T6 Aluminum - 7075-T6 Aluminum is a high strength alloy metal with great ductility, toughness, and resistance against fatigue. 7075-T6 was standardized for use in Aerospace equipment and aircraft. The Suffix T6 is a temperament treatment to increase the overall toughness and strength of the Aluminum. 7075-T6 Aluminum was chosen for the AR-15 platform for its ease of manufacturing, lightweight properties, and strength.

Style: The Gauntlet Arms "Goblin" DPMS Style Upper Receiver is a custom low profile LR-308 upper.

Finish: Anodized - This upper receiver is anodized, this process increases the thickness and hardness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of the metal parts. This increases the corrosion and wear resistance of the Upper Receiver.

Caliber Compatibility: This upper receiver will work with standard battle rifle cartridges such as .308 Winchester, 6.5 Creedmoor, .243 Winchester, .338 Federal, and .300WSM.

Top Section: Flat Top Rail - This upper receiver features a full 1913 Picatinny rail for the additional Optics installation and Iron Sight installation.

Anti-Rotation Tab Compatibility: This upper receiver will allow the installation of handguards with anti-rotation tabs incorporated into their design.

Brand: Gauntlet Arms
Model: Goblin' LR-308 DPMS Style Low Profile Stripped Upper Receiver Stripped
Platform: LR-308/AR-10 Low Profile
Type: Forged
Material: 7075-T6
Style: Custom
Caliber Compatibility: Standard Rifle
Allows Anti Rotation Tabs: Yes
Upper Section: Picatinny Rail
Finish: Anodized
Forward Assist 
Compatible: Yes
Forward Assist Pin Type: Roll Pin
Dust Door Compatible: Yes
Color: Matte Black
Weight: 14.24 oz

Note: Blemished products are fully functional, they just didn't meet our standards. They are a great product at a discounted price for someone who doesn't mind a slight imperfection. We do not accept returns on blemished products.

Blemishes may include: Pits, Scratches, Dents, or Flaws in the finish.

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