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Recoil Technologies M-16 M-16A2 Full-Auto Complete Mil Spec Lower Parts Kit *100% American Made* + Faxon Firearms AR-15 5.56/.223/300 BLK/.350 Legend M16 Bolt Carrier Group - Nitride

Part Number: CO-23967
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Recoil Technologies M-16 M-16A2 Full-Auto Complete Mil Spec Lower Parts Kit *100% American Made* 
+ Faxon Firearms AR-15 5.56/.223/300 BLK/.350 Legend M16 Bolt Carrier Group - Nitride

Recoil Technologies M-16 Full-Auto

Complete Mil-Spec Lower Parts Kit 

100% American Made

The Recoil Technologies Standard Complete M16 Lower Receiver Replacement Parts Set includes all small parts & grip assembly to completely rebuild registered M16 receivers.  ALL NFA LAWS APPLY.   

These Work With Bushmaster 3 Round Burst Kits  (M16 Fire Control Parts Not Needed When Used In Conjunction With Burst Kits)

100% Made In The USA

M-16 Trigger
M-16 Hammer
M-16 Disconnector
M-16 Selector
M-16 GI Sear
M-16 GI Sear Pin
Black A2 Pistol Grip
Pistol Grip Screw
Pistol Grip Lock Washer
Trigger Guard
Trigger Guard Roll Pin
Trigger Spring
Trigger Pin
Hammer Spring
Hammer Pin
Selector Spring
Selector Detent
Bolt Catch Spring
Bolt Catch
Bolt Catch
Bolt Catch Roll Pin
Magazine Catch Button
Magazine Catch
Magazine Catch Spring
Front Pivot Pin
Pivot Pin Detent Spring
Takedown Pin
Take Down Detent
Buffer Retainer Pin
Buffer Retainer Spring

It is the Buyer's Responsibility to ensure that the item is legal to own in his/her city/state. By buying this item you are confirming that you are legally allowed to have this item in your area. By buying this item you hereby Declare that You also understand that all NFA rules apply and You will abide by the rules of the BATFE. And you hold Delta Team Tactical harmless for any legal issues that may arise due to purchasing and utilizing these components if used in an incorrect way.  If you install them without the proper paperwork, own an AR15 receiver Or Its NOT Legal in your state to own these type of parts THEN you will have an issue WITH THE LAW.

This kit is intended to replace full auto parts in a registered full auto lower. Replacing AR-15 parts with some M-16 Parts does not make your rifle into a fully automatic rifle. Also replacing AR-15 parts with M-16 parts, without legal paperwork will make your rifle illegal. Please consult with ATF on how to obtain legal paperwork / documentation to own a fully automatic firearm. Possession of M16 parts in a rifle without proper paperwork can have legal ramifications such as fines, confiscation, and imprisonment. Again, please check to make sure you have the proper paperwork to own or take possession of Automatic weapon parts before ordering. Also be advised, taking possession or owning a lower receiver and having automatic weapon parts, may also have legal issues. IE if you own a lower receiver, it is considered a firearm by law. Sold as replacement parts ONLY in registered M16 lowers.

DO NOT BUY IF YOU LIVE IN THE STATES: Washington, California, Florida, Iowa, Colorado, Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina, South Carolina, Nevada, Maryland, Connecticut, Washington DC, Puerto Rico, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Illinois, or Hawaii. WITH EXCEPTION IF YOU HAVE THE PROPER ATF LICENSES FOR THESE STATES.

Faxon Firearms AR-15 5.56/.223/300 BLK/.350 Legend M16 Bolt Carrier Group - Nitride

Faxon Firearms just can't help not accepting the status quo. Bolt carrier groups are available aplenty, but few could meet Faxon Firearms exacting standards for performance and value. Seeing "MIL-SPEC" as just the starting point, Faxon Firearms set out to ensure the best options are available for their demanding customers. 

Improvements include using 9310 tool steel for the bolt, which is stronger and nitriding the assembly to increase surface hardness, decrease resistance, and have superior corrosion resistance compared to typical chrome and phosphasted bolt carrier groups. All bolts are fully MPI tested to ensure the material is sound and without defects. Bolt lugs are chambered 45 degrees to ensure reliable action for even the highest pressure hand loads and fast lightweight actions. 

Faxon Bolt Carrier Groups are Superfinished to reduce friction, increase smoothness of operation, and reduce fouling. Further, they are full-Auto rated and maintain the trip for full-auto fire control groups and new multi-stage trigger systems. Gas keys use grade 8 fasteners and are fully staked for a lifetime of service. 

9310 Tool Steel Bolt
Full MIL-SPEC Heat Treatment
Shot Peened to MIL-SPEC
Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)
Back of Lugs Chamfered for Reliability
Spring, Insert, & "Crane" O-Ring Installed
Salt Bath Nitrided Bolt & Carrier
S7 Extractor
Superfinished Carrier Body
Full Auto Compatible
Forward Assist Serrations

Please note: If the listing says "In-Stock" it means we have the item(s) in stock. Please check this LINK to view our most up to date shipping status.
Warranty, Returns & Terms: Delta Team Tactical offers a 30 day return, refund and exchange policy. You must email or call Delta Team Tactical and obtain an RMA number prior to any return, refund, or exchange. All returns must include the original order number, receipt or invoice, along with the customers billing address, shipping address, contact phone numbers, contact emails, and RMA number. Returns, refunds, and exchanges may take up to two weeks, not including transit times, for processing after we have received return product. Return shipping costs will be the responsibility of the returning party, with the exception of the wrong item being received or on warranty exchange during the first 30 days after delivery. Items returned for warranty will only be replaced or exchanged, no refund given on warranty items.

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