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Delta Deals 22LR AR Conversion Kit w/ 3 - 25 Rd Magazines

Part Number: CO-20321
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Conversion Kit + Magazine Combos:
CMMG .22LR 25 Round Capacity Magazine - Black x3
+ CMMG .22 LR AR Complete Conversion Kit Bravo

CMMG .22LR 25 Round Capacity Magazine - Black x3

About this Magazine: This magazine comes with a 25 round capacity and is compatible with the .22 LR caliber and 22ARCs.

Construction: Polymer - The main body of this magazine is a synthetic polymer blend that is a black color.

Feed-Lips: Polymer - The feed-lips on this magazine are uniform with the material of the body.

Capacity: This magazine has a standard capacity of 25 rounds.

Follower: The CMMG .22 LR mag uses a non binding, high visibility orange follower. Providing excellent feeding and loading.

CMMG .22 LR AR Complete Conversion Kit Bravo

General Info: Thankfully there are ways to save money on ammo! Fully convert your firearms into a .22LR compatible plinker with an included magazine!

About this Conversion Kit: When trying to hone your sharpshooter skills with your trusted firearm, it can sometimes be an expensive endeavor. However, one way to make sure you are not shooting a giant hole in your wallet is to get a .22 Conversion Kit. This kit allows a gun owner to shoot .22 ammo instead of other calibers like .223. This is a cheap way of getting practice in the range without busting the bank. Just swap this drop in conversion with the bolt carrier group from your 5.56/.223 chambered rifle and you will be ready to shoot .22LR. Ships with 25rd 22LR magazine. For best performance use a round style hammer as notched hammers can cause function issues and 36 grain plated nose bullets (The Cheap Stuff) have proven to be the best choice for function. Patterned after the famous Ceiner Conversion.

No Other .22 Kit Ever Worked So Well or .22 LR Semi Auto Rifle for that matter.

Where this conversion works better than my old Ruger 10-22 even 22 LR Ammo goes off much better from the harder firing pin strike. So that ammo that you had to cock the .22 a few times to go off this conversion will shoot.

We can't say enough how well this kit works

It does take a few rounds to break in but after the first few mags you can expect one of the most reliable .22 rifles you have ever owned. It really is that good !!

One of the other things that makes this kit so wonderful is it Works With All .22 AR Mags. There is a standard magazine for the .22 AR's and this kit uses that mag mags made by Blackdog, CMMG, Sig Sauer, Chiappa, Promag, Stag, And Many More Uses All Ceiner Styles.

(It does not work with S&W, Walther Style, Colt Mags Those Are Proprietary To Those Guns)

You can buy These mags for as little As $4.99 Online

So finding cheap mags will never be a problem and even the cheap mags seem to work good the black dog mags seem to work best and are avail on there website direct for cheap.

Type: Full Caliber Conversion - This is a drop in conversion, with all of the components required to convert your firearm into a .22LR plinker.

Tool-Less Install: Take down your AR-15 rifle and replace the bolt carrier group with the CMMG conversion kit, and put your AR-15 back together, its just that easy.

1X CMMG Deluxe Model Bravo .22 Conversion Unit w/ Stainless Steel Bolt
1x CMMG Magazine 25 Rd
1x Instructions

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