Neil Schleeper

Date 9/1/2020


John House

Date 9/9/2020 9:03:12 PM

Awesome cerakote job - thanks for the chance!

Steven Judd

Date 9/9/2020 8:07:50 PM

Gonna look good carrying this thing around!

Aubrey Maxam

Date 9/9/2020 7:43:56 PM

Great company!!! Hope i win.

Brian Lucas

Date 9/8/2020 10:45:16 PM

Look forward to winning this giveaway!

John evans

Date 9/8/2020 9:17:49 AM

Awesome design.

Joseph Gaines

Date 9/8/2020 2:08:36 AM

This would be perfect for my AR9 Pistol(LIBERTY) that I just finished building.

Deanna Spikes

Date 9/7/2020 10:32:08 PM

love it!!

Joseph Cannon

Date 9/7/2020 7:46:33 PM

Love it, let freedom ring

Richard S Searcy

Date 9/7/2020 6:26:59 PM

Love the looks of this.... I would love to win this.

Ronnie Sloss

Date 9/7/2020 6:21:15 PM

I would love to win the upper so I could show the Governor of the state of California it!! And show him what FREEDOM REALLY MEANS!!!!??????????


Date 9/7/2020 6:18:50 PM

Smells like freedom!

George Roark

Date 9/7/2020 5:33:48 PM

Great Patriotic theme that I would love to have

David Haddock

Date 9/7/2020 5:28:09 PM

I want it!

marcus wieck

Date 9/7/2020 3:59:45 PM

Would love to spread the freedom with this handguard

Nick B

Date 9/7/2020 3:57:34 PM

Would love to build a gun around this awesome upper.


Date 9/7/2020 3:28:41 PM

American f#* yeah

David Henry

Date 9/7/2020 12:22:52 PM

The design looks great hope i win

Dr Phil

Date 9/7/2020 9:54:24 AM

Awesome designs.


Date 9/7/2020 8:34:49 AM

AMAZING looking freedom stick !!

Rich Williams

Date 9/7/2020 7:00:53 AM

Screams Murcia

Erlando S

Date 9/7/2020 6:07:50 AM

Awesome looking piece of Equipment.

Alan Taylor

Date 9/6/2020 11:45:21 PM

Beautiful craftsmanship.

Rex K Samsel

Date 9/6/2020 8:46:04 PM

Love it, scream's America!

David Akin

Date 9/6/2020 8:06:10 PM

Thanks for keeping the foundation of Freedom Alive


Date 9/6/2020 5:50:08 PM

Great giveaway! Thanks for taking care of your customers.

Douglas Wells

Date 9/6/2020 5:41:03 PM

I could really use this!!!

James Hurley

Date 9/6/2020 5:05:05 PM

Excellent color

Craig Foster

Date 9/6/2020 1:27:06 PM



Date 9/6/2020 12:15:43 PM

I'd be ordering regardless. Dtt is awesome. Just finished my m4 carbine clone with their 14.5 barrel. And basically the entire upper. One stop shop for me. And some of the best deals online. I'd I love to win that guy.


Date 9/6/2020 10:26:44 AM

Nice upper... ????God Bless America...????

nolan wells

Date 9/6/2020 8:24:02 AM

Need grip and stock to match

Robert Eby

Date 9/6/2020 5:31:35 AM

Sweet upper

Eric Booth

Date 9/6/2020 1:34:21 AM

Great giveaway

Steve Achenbach

Date 9/6/2020 1:11:48 AM

Nice giveaway

Jeff Pecyna

Date 9/5/2020 11:35:13 PM

Nice upper

Mark Wharton

Date 9/5/2020 10:21:40 PM

That would be sweet on my new build.. ??


Date 9/5/2020 9:51:04 PM

Definitely a unique handguard.


Date 9/5/2020 9:36:54 PM

Freedom because America!


Date 9/5/2020 9:19:39 PM


Justin Castillo

Date 9/5/2020 9:04:45 PM

Holy cow!

Marlo Jackson

Date 9/5/2020 6:29:34 PM

Five Starz

Stephen M

Date 9/5/2020 5:23:54 PM

TRUMP 2020 !!!!!! NO OPTION !!!!

Billy Hamm

Date 9/5/2020 4:17:26 PM

Nice contest...

Stephen Mecsery

Date 9/5/2020 3:36:02 PM


Joseph D

Date 9/5/2020 3:23:34 PM

Love it

Darrick Ellerbe

Date 9/5/2020 3:18:35 PM

I like it. ??

James ross

Date 9/5/2020 2:22:36 PM

It’s mine


Date 9/5/2020 1:12:54 PM

Yea free guns

Patrick Laas

Date 9/5/2020 11:17:00 AM

Comment for entry

Patrick Laas

Date 9/5/2020 11:16:50 AM

Comment for entry

Richard Clauson

Date 9/5/2020 10:57:21 AM

That great looking upper would look and feel even better in my hands!

Ej b

Date 9/5/2020 10:47:20 AM

Wow ty for the chance

Rob k

Date 9/5/2020 10:34:19 AM

Would like good in my gun safe

David Krupnick

Date 9/5/2020 10:25:57 AM

Excellent review!

Carlos Spiceyweiner

Date 9/5/2020 9:42:02 AM

Don't eat yellow snow


Date 9/5/2020 9:01:25 AM

Gimme that!


Date 9/5/2020 8:39:44 AM


Gary H

Date 9/5/2020 7:27:50 AM



Date 9/5/2020 5:33:55 AM

This is purdy! It shall go on a wall and be admired.

adolfo avila

Date 9/4/2020 11:09:22 PM

Thats a sweet American upper

Steven England

Date 9/4/2020 10:31:26 PM

Would b nice

Eddie Gerard

Date 9/4/2020 7:31:46 PM

That's a beautiful upper!!

j Mckinney

Date 9/4/2020 7:16:38 PM


Mark Skokan

Date 9/4/2020 7:13:39 PM

This is a really cool looking upper!!!

Lee Kersey

Date 9/4/2020 4:27:09 PM

That upper needs a good home. . . . . . .and I have just the place in mind. I even have a friend he can hang out with.

Jon Blalock

Date 9/4/2020 4:09:37 PM

Nice upper love to see it at my domicile.

Scott Hipps

Date 9/4/2020 11:00:49 AM

This would go above my front door.

Bart Ketner

Date 9/4/2020 10:48:17 AM

Great product, incredible design and finish!

Gregory Church

Date 9/4/2020 9:54:48 AM



Date 9/4/2020 9:53:11 AM

give me them freebies

James E Wichmann

Date 9/4/2020 9:53:04 AM



Date 9/4/2020 8:52:55 AM

Very colorful and patriotic tool, this is what the country needs.

rodger cloud

Date 9/4/2020 7:31:16 AM

I want it

Edward Kirby

Date 9/4/2020 7:26:12 AM

I’ve been shopping with you all for years. Thank you for all the great products. It would be nice to win something though

Austin W

Date 9/4/2020 6:21:20 AM

Looks like Merica to me

Juan Blas

Date 9/4/2020 4:51:05 AM

Just what I need !

Bryan Clayton

Date 9/3/2020 8:23:15 PM


Corey Westerhoff

Date 9/3/2020 8:17:03 PM

That thing is great!

Chris Couch

Date 9/3/2020 7:46:26 PM

This is awesome!

Joseph Wagner

Date 9/3/2020 6:41:55 PM


Chris Spencer

Date 9/3/2020 5:06:34 PM



Date 9/3/2020 4:57:13 PM

thanksfor the chance!

Harvey Lee

Date 9/3/2020 4:54:34 PM

Looks great

John Saunders

Date 9/3/2020 4:17:47 PM

Just what I'm wanting

James Rusk

Date 9/3/2020 3:34:04 PM

This is a perfect length barrel for all around use.

Codi cox

Date 9/3/2020 2:55:22 PM

Great stuff by these guys

Michael Wright

Date 9/3/2020 12:55:12 PM

Love your products hope to win an upper :)

Steven Hight

Date 9/3/2020 12:12:11 PM

Perfect! That is one beautiful piece of machinery! Thank you for the opportunity DTT!

Michael langan

Date 9/3/2020 12:01:32 PM

I live DTT!!

Steven Cohen

Date 9/3/2020 11:29:09 AM

Thanks for the chance!!!

Wayne Luxich

Date 9/3/2020 11:25:52 AM

Saaaweet Upper...!

James Bigham

Date 9/3/2020 11:07:22 AM

Great looking forend!!


Date 9/3/2020 9:27:25 AM


Matthew C Schubach

Date 9/3/2020 8:42:14 AM

Very nice, that would look great on the 556 stainless bull barrel I purchased recently. I already get lots of comments and compliments about it and that would set it off well. Thanks DDT

Carl Taylor

Date 9/3/2020 8:21:12 AM

Nice upper

Ed Berner

Date 9/3/2020 8:04:54 AM


Fabian Sepulveda

Date 9/3/2020 7:25:51 AM


Danny Dela Cruz

Date 9/3/2020 2:29:58 AM

Good price great products!!!!

Gregory Dewees

Date 9/2/2020 11:54:31 PM


Arizona Thogmartin

Date 9/2/2020 11:49:35 PM

I need this

Michael Clark

Date 9/2/2020 11:22:13 PM

Love your products

Brian K.

Date 9/2/2020 10:52:44 PM

That is one heck of a forestock.


Date 9/2/2020 10:22:22 PM

Looking Merica!


Date 9/2/2020 6:09:19 PM

Thank you. Awesome


Date 9/2/2020 5:27:32 PM



Date 9/2/2020 5:17:17 PM


Brent Harvel

Date 9/2/2020 5:05:06 PM

Yes Sir!

Robert FuentesRojas

Date 9/2/2020 4:43:24 PM

So excited to win! I am a constitutionalist and I am for building Ar15s!

Christopher Bachand

Date 9/2/2020 10:21:49 AM


Rusty Brown

Date 9/2/2020 9:47:40 AM

Absolutely love DDT

James russell

Date 9/2/2020 7:08:52 AM

nice would love to show that off and tell people who I got it from

Tony Frangella

Date 9/2/2020 6:29:22 AM


Tony Frangella

Date 9/2/2020 6:26:00 AM

Following Unique ARs on FB. Thanks for the giveaway

James Allen

Date 9/2/2020 6:22:12 AM


Albert.viens Viens

Date 9/1/2020 11:26:32 PM

Excellent giveaway


Date 9/1/2020 9:48:18 PM

That’s just a terrific functional work of Art!!!

Tyler Byrd

Date 9/1/2020 9:07:35 PM

??. Yes please. Very nice

K Smith

Date 9/1/2020 9:06:06 PM

Something we need to reinforce to all the dumbed down! The constitution and God are the reason this country has gotten this far sand not ready to give over to the commies

Bobby Crunk

Date 9/1/2020 8:42:31 PM

Nice looking upper

Edward Kassick

Date 9/1/2020 8:10:45 PM

At a time where are country is at a tipping point,with the Left trying to tear our country apart.We as Americans,need to be ready to enforce American values.

Chris V Shakarjian

Date 9/1/2020 8:10:41 PM

Love it!!!

Justin Martin

Date 9/1/2020 6:32:04 PM

Beautiful upper in appearance and message.


Date 9/1/2020 6:11:45 PM


Joseph Goodwin

Date 9/1/2020 4:44:57 PM

I'd be happy if one of ny friends were to win this!


Date 9/1/2020 4:39:40 PM

DTT is the best company ever!

Charles Carlin

Date 9/1/2020 4:37:47 PM

that would look good next to my other one

Roger Brookshire

Date 9/1/2020 4:25:42 PM

We the people yes

Douglas Caldwell

Date 9/1/2020 4:08:32 PM

That would complete my ensemble.


Date 9/1/2020 3:57:16 PM

Would love to get this for my AR

Jeff Pecyna

Date 9/1/2020 1:24:33 PM

Outstanding upper " we the people" the way it should be.

Jim m

Date 9/1/2020 12:40:33 PM

I need, I need!

Todd Brawley

Date 9/1/2020 11:35:27 AM

I really need to win it. Fire place mantle has a spot for it. Right beside my Army Retirement Certificate.

Todd Brawley

Date 9/1/2020 11:31:59 AM

I want one


Date 9/1/2020 11:12:26 AM

This is awesome, hope to win it. TY DTT.

Roberto Padilla

Date 9/1/2020 10:51:02 AM



Date 9/1/2020

Sweet upper!


Date 9/2/2020 6:29:21 PM

I'll second that!

Alfred DiBartolomeo

Date 9/2/2020 5:56:50 PM

I’m in!!!!!


Date 9/1/2020

Would love to win this upper.


Date 9/1/2020

Would love to win this upper.

Bob Connolly

Date 9/1/2020 10:26:55 AM

Would love to win this upper.


Date 9/1/2020

I want to win!


Date 9/1/2020

Awesome giveaway! Makes for a very unique build, this is the build you pull out for special events and shoot tannerrite with!

Allan Nahar

Date 9/1/2020

This is sweet. I’d love to win it!

Charles Yagel

Date 9/1/2020

A really neat product! And coming from DTT, I know the quality and Customer Service will be top notch!


Date 9/1/2020

I love this hanguard

Austin Posey

Date 9/1/2020

This is AMAZING. Very nice. Love all my DTT Rifles builds. So glad I gave yall a shot. Great prices, great quality, and amazing staff with the best customer service. Thanks for another cool giveaway.

RP Singer

Date 9/1/2020

A True reflection of The US Patriot. An awesome upper, would really shine at range!

robert pilcher

Date 9/1/2020


christian simon

Date 9/1/2020

im excited to hopefully win


Date 9/1/2020

Would make a beautiful addition to my family

Dan Nolden

Date 9/1/2020

Great looking upper. Would be really nice to win

Shane Riley

Date 9/1/2020

Would love to win.

Hal Guymon

Date 9/1/2020

This is a sweet upper I’d love to have it. ??

Bernard Cachet

Date 9/1/2020

This is awesome......

Anhtuan Tran

Date 9/1/2020

I need this.

Frank Hagood

Date 9/1/2020

Super patriotic... we need to remember what that is about ... fantastic upper !!!!

James Fite

Date 9/1/2020

You know I wasn't even planning on building another one quite yet ... But for a sweet upper like that, I'll gladly make an exception!


Date 9/5/2020 8:05:02 AM

Definitely a sweet looking upper..... Yeah, if THAT fell into my lap, I'd definitely need to start ordering, so it could make a trip 'out to the farm' for a little range time

Christopher Brown

Date 9/1/2020

Yes please. I've already put a lower together that this belongs on!

Lorin Greenstein

Date 9/1/2020

Great contest, great prizes, now it will be great if I win!!!!!


Date 9/1/2020

Id love to win it. All my broes would be in envy and have to buy one. Hope yall got plenty as i have about 50 broes I shoot with.


Date 9/1/2020


Blaine Neff

Date 9/1/2020

A little flashier than I usually am, but I could use a little BLING!

David Stamper

Date 9/1/2020

Gimme gimme

Jeremy Wyers

Date 9/1/2020

I always liked push pops. #MERICA

Steven Radley

Date 9/1/2020

Fingers crossed! ;-) I've bought several items from DTT and haven't been disappointed. Would be nice to win something from them.

David McCullough

Date 9/1/2020


Leland McClure

Date 9/1/2020

What a wonderful opportunity! Such a great company. I will come here again and again whether I win something or not!

David McCullough

Date 9/1/2020


Nick nieves

Date 9/1/2020


Terence Wiley

Date 9/1/2020

Looks great, bet it shoots even better.

Richard Schmitt

Date 9/1/2020

Happy Labor Day!

Randy Williams

Date 9/1/2020

Happy Labor day

Brady Rose

Date 9/1/2020

Imma need this

Sanford Halphen

Date 9/1/2020

i need this


Date 9/1/2020

Oh I would love that!

Brandon Lehmer

Date 9/1/2020

I want it!

William Cooney

Date 9/1/2020

Nice uppers.

Jimmy castellano

Date 9/1/2020


Gabriel Godines

Date 9/1/2020

Love your site...can’t wait to get started on my new AR build!


Date 9/1/2020

Neat looking upper, would make a great addition to one of my custom builds!

John keown

Date 9/1/2020



Date 9/1/2020

I'd love to win this beauty!

Robert Allen

Date 9/1/2020

I purchased the Liberty Eagle foregrip by Unique-Ars in black as a gift. It has been sold under a few different names, and is no longer available in the model I purchased. Its beautiful enough to put up as the centerpiece of an Eagle collectors prize display, and functional enough to defend the home hearth. This full color model would be the only thing I have ever seen that could surpass it! Simply Beautiful.

Jat Treadwell

Date 9/1/2020

This is awesome will look good at the range!

Patrick Davidson

Date 9/1/2020

very cool piece, I need to have it

Scott Green

Date 9/1/2020

Love it!

Steve MacDonald

Date 9/1/2020

Black rifles matter ! Very nice upper !

Michael Burnett

Date 9/1/2020

All Rifles Matter, this is awesome

Dan Wells

Date 9/1/2020

I’ll take two, plz!

Tomasz Wolak

Date 9/1/2020

It’s beautiful very unique

Jimmie e

Date 9/2/2020

gorgeous handrail

Bryan Hall

Date 9/2/2020

Give me liberty or give me a hand guard

Lance M

Date 9/2/2020

Now this is what I need for my new build!

David Gagliotti

Date 9/2/2020

Thank you America!

William Duncan

Date 9/2/2020

Awesome product

Joseph Presto

Date 9/2/2020

This would be a great addition!

Larry Stehling

Date 9/2/2020

MERICA! BTW - I bought one of those handguards but plain. The Ceracoat looks awesome!

Larry Stehling

Date 9/2/2020

MERICA! BTW - I bought one of those handguards but plain. The Ceracoat looks awesome!

Dustin Smith

Date 9/2/2020

Hope i win this!! Looks amazing!

Alan Talbott

Date 9/2/2020

Good looking Handguard, Would fit my collection

Tyler L.

Date 9/2/2020

Merica!!! \m/(-_-)\m/

Mauricio Gutierrez

Date 9/2/2020


James M

Date 9/2/2020

They make some good looking stuff!

Alicia Lasswell

Date 9/2/2020



Date 9/2/2020

Bad A$$ handgaurd.


Date 9/2/2020

Perfect set up for my next build!


Date 9/2/2020

Would be a great starting point for my next build

Raging Mericaholic

Date 9/2/2020

2A Merica Bro

Bob Canning

Date 9/2/2020

Exactly what my current build needs!

Chris Cobb

Date 9/2/2020



Date 9/2/2020

'Merica! Love this upper receiver. Does it come with some PBR and chewing tobacco?


Date 9/2/2020

'Merica! Love this upper receiver. Does it come with some PBR and chewing tobacco?

Michael Stone

Date 9/2/2020

Very nice upper. Keep up the good work

Will Pittman

Date 9/2/2020

This upper would look amazing below my American Flag and bald eagle statues!

Aaron Belk

Date 9/2/2020

This would be an amazing way to finish off my lower!

Garrett Lipps

Date 9/3/2020

Very nice looking upper

Jeremy Abbott

Date 9/3/2020

I need this!

Tim Duncan

Date 9/3/2020

need that free upper


Date 9/3/2020

Sweet looking upper


Date 9/3/2020

Love this upper. Love Delta Team Tactical. Great prices.

James Fries

Date 9/3/2020

I love the Trump upper. Send it to me and it will live life comfy in my safe on a new build.1

Brad Oxner

Date 9/3/2020

that upper looks amazing,

Jonathan Ruiz

Date 9/3/2020

????????????Because MURICA????????????

Wayne Webb

Date 9/3/2020


Jeffery Findley

Date 9/3/2020



Date 9/3/2020



Date 9/3/2020

That upper would be great on the AR i want to build. Looking to build my first one.

Nate Fynewever

Date 9/3/2020

This will be an awesome addition to my collection!

Cole Toone

Date 9/3/2020

This thing is sweet!

Dalton Mayfield

Date 9/3/2020

thanks for the chance! love your products, vids, and prices!

Dan Pittman

Date 9/3/2020

I have this handguard un colored on a grendel I purchased from DTT great conversation piece and a great shooter I would love to have another one or 100 of them.

Samuel Stull

Date 9/3/2020

I've bought many products from DTT & DD over the years and everything has worked exceptionally well. Thank you for all you do for us American patriots! Thank you for the opportunity too guys. Sammy Stull

John Hudson

Date 9/3/2020

Really sharp build, love the handguard setup.

joe enngineer

Date 9/3/2020

its about time you pulled me for this givaway

Rob Davis

Date 9/3/2020

Awesome giveaway!

Jay Andersen

Date 9/3/2020

I love all my gear I got from you.

Mike Brodeur

Date 9/3/2020

We should have one on all our rifles !

Mario G

Date 9/3/2020

Great prices and products.

Jesus Renteria

Date 9/3/2020


Harland Franklin

Date 9/4/2020

I love it!

Matthew D Gertsch

Date 9/4/2020

Love it!

Nick Whitley

Date 9/4/2020

I know that’s right!!!


Date 9/4/2020

Yes please! This thing is awesome!


Date 9/4/2020


Mark Nacke

Date 9/4/2020

Let's support our 2nd Amendment rights, keep the word going and never give up....................

Eric Jensen

Date 9/4/2020

This is something that I would love to get! Absolutely beautiful!!

Eric Peterson

Date 9/4/2020

This is an awesome upper.

Jeff Bunting

Date 9/4/2020

I dig it.

TJ Merrill

Date 9/4/2020

Hell Yeah I'll take your giveaways!


Date 9/4/2020

Great product and always great prices.


Date 9/4/2020

love it

donald richardson

Date 9/4/2020

what wood look better than this upper on one of my lowers with a 2 1/2 lbs trigger

Greg Candea

Date 9/5/2020

Black ops

M. Mucha

Date 9/5/2020

I hope to win this to replace the one I ordered that got lost.

Lando Norris

Date 9/5/2020

I need Pres!!!

Carlos Spiceyweiner

Date 9/5/2020

Dig Bick


Date 9/5/2020


Jonathan Clark

Date 9/5/2020

Need that upper bad!


Date 9/5/2020

nice! thanks for the chance

Michael Bellanca

Date 9/5/2020

I can find a place for that!

Jerome L Brownell

Date 9/5/2020

Outstanding giveaway. Looks awesome. Thanks much in advance.lol

Jake Smith

Date 9/5/2020

Let freedom ring!


Date 9/5/2020

Awesome upper worthy of a display case on the wall

William Shephard

Date 9/5/2020


Emmanuel Campos

Date 9/5/2020

Looking good

Pete Brierton

Date 9/5/2020

This upper is going to look great in my gun case!


Date 9/5/2020

This is SOOOOOO nice!

Steve Forbes

Date 9/5/2020

Love this contest

Michael Roessler

Date 9/5/2020

Got a home for this...


Date 9/5/2020

Ridiculous looking but awesome-ly patriotic.

Benito Madrid

Date 9/5/2020

That looks nice.

Harold Nash

Date 9/5/2020

Looks pretty sweet

James Croft

Date 9/5/2020

As much money as I have spent with this company, it would be nice to finally get something free from them.


Date 9/6/2020

Id love to win that.


Date 9/6/2020

Would love to have this

Paul Olson

Date 9/6/2020

Would look awesome on my lower!

bill pitts

Date 9/6/2020

this is a work of art.

bill pitts

Date 9/6/2020

this is a work of art.

bill pitts

Date 9/6/2020

this is a work of art.

Patriot GP

Date 9/6/2020

God bless America

John Adam

Date 9/6/2020

That is a great one

Edward SanderCederlof

Date 9/6/2020

Looks good

keith dixon

Date 9/6/2020

makes a statement


Date 9/6/2020

Patriotic and badass! Happy Labor Day DTT and Unique AR.

Douglas Spiers

Date 9/6/2020

That is a gorgeous upper

Raymond Summers

Date 9/6/2020


Joe Groff

Date 9/7/2020

Great way to celebrate America!

Joe Groff

Date 9/7/2020

Great way to celebrate America!

Jack Coble

Date 9/7/2020

Would love to win, I have not Seen an AR like This. A real eye catcher.

Michael Johnson

Date 9/7/2020

This is pretty dang cool! God bless our nation! I absolutely need this upper!


Date 9/7/2020

Sweet giveaway

Erik Turley

Date 9/7/2020

I love hand guards like this. They just scream freedom. Perfect!

David Haddock

Date 9/7/2020


David Haddock

Date 9/7/2020


Sheldon 82

Date 9/8/2020


Scott allen

Date 9/9/2020

would love to have this on a build


Date 9/9/2020

Beautiful way to disperse freedom pills.

Arthur Freeman Jr

Date 9/9/2020

Winning this upper would be like a heavy rainfall in the middle of a terrible drought.

Arthur Freeman Jr

Date 9/9/2020

Winning this upper would be like a heavy rainfall in the middle of a terrible drought.

Tad C Hayes

Date 9/9/2020


Nathan Rice

Date 9/10/2020

Who won?

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