Samuel Nocifera Jr

Date 10/16/2020

where is my password for filling out the extra points form?

David Pera

Date 10/16/2020

Sign me up

Jan Gannon

Date 10/16/2020

Hopefully you get good honest feedback!

Michael DeRouville

Date 10/18/2020

New Gun owner here in California. Hate the gun laws here but still want to be able to express my 2nd amendment rights to the full extent of the law!

Rob ingebritson

Date 10/18/2020


Rusty Lininger

Date 10/22/2020

I recently purchased the 18" 308 barrel for a build. Which gas block/tube combination do you recommend? The ammo I'll be feeding it will be the Barnes high powered Buffalo or similar. This is my first build and I want to do it right. Thanks in advance

Joe Beattie

Date 10/23/2020

Email updates with shipping.

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