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ETS Mag for G21/30 45ACP 30 Round Capacity, Translucent Smoke

Part Number: MAG-45453
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ETS G21/G30 Compatible 45ACP 30 Round Magazine, Transparent Smoke


Maximize range time with a 30-round 45ACP Glock-compatible magazine!

Enjoy an uninterrupted shooting session with the ETS G21/G30/G41 Compatible 45ACP 30-Round Magazine in Transparent Smoke. This magazine is designed to maximize your shooting sessions, offering a large 30-round capacity for extended shooting without the need for frequent reloads while ensuring reliability and durability with its impact-resistant translucent polymer construction. Great for extending your shooting time while minimizing reloads, this magazine will help you train hard and have a more enjoyable day at the range.

Minimize Reloads and Maximize Range-Time:
With a generous 30-round capacity, this magazine ensures that you can enjoy extended shooting sessions without the hassle of frequent reloads. Whether you're training at the range or just shooting for fun, this magazine provides the extra rounds you need to stay focused on your target.

Durable Transparent Smoke Polymer:
Crafted from impact-resistant transparent smoke polymer, this magazine is built to withstand the rigors of shooting while offering the advantage of clear visibility. You can easily monitor how many rounds you have left, preventing surprises during your shooting sessions. This durability ensures that your magazine will stand up to demanding conditions, keeping you in the action.

Versatile Glock Compatibility:
Designed for Glock 21, 30, and 41 models, this magazine offers exceptional compatibility. Whether you have a Glock 21, Glock 30, or Glock 41, this magazine adapts to your firearm seamlessly. It's a versatile addition to your Glock collection, allowing you to use it across multiple platforms.

The ETS G21/G30 Compatible 45ACP 30 Round Magazine in Transparent Smoke is an essential accessory for Glock enthusiasts seeking extended shooting sessions and durability. Its large capacity, transparent design, and compatibility with G21, G30, and G41 models make it a versatile choice. Pick up this magazine today and enjoy uninterrupted sessions on the range or in any shooting scenario.


Brand: ETS
Model: G21/G30 Compatible 45ACP 30 Round Magazine, Transparent Smoke
Caliber Compatibility: .45ACP
Capacity: 30
Platform Compatibility G21, G30, G41
Feed Lips: Polymer
Construction: Polymer

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